The Root of Jakuval

Jakuval is for those who can't be defined by any single interest, trade, or hobby- the person who doesn't fit into a box, has many talents and does it all- not just a "Jack of all trades", but the well-rounded individual. It's for those who like to cruise and soak up the sites and those whose quest is the chase for adrenaline; for the risk takers, the rule benders, the peace keepers and the bar raisers. Blue collar or white- build it or buy it.
Throw on leathers or wetsuits, board shorts or work boots, a helmet or a tie, yield a hammer or a pen; we are all brought together by a few common traits. We are the doers, not the talkers and we work hard, play hard, relax when it's needed and know the importance of living this short life to its fullest, with honor and a firm handshake.
When I was a kid, my dad once said while helping wrench on my bike, "Son, it doesn't matter what you ride or what you drive, whatever blows your hair back", and that stuck with me. No need for separation or labels-
So cheers to the rest of you "Jacks of All"
...this brand is for us and it doesn't matter what you like to do-
Whatever blows your hair back!